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Brewing in situ prototype

The first working test version of the real-time connection for a sensor with in situ application is in progress.  This sensor runs sanitized wiring through the air lock which then goes through a waterproof housing into the liquid.


The sensor is connected over wifi which then transmits updates over an IoT backbone.  Currently, it is logging temperature changes into a Google Spreadsheet.


The graph shows an example log from 26 hours.  Not that the temperature fluctuated within a 2 degree Celsius range over this period.

Next steps include adding additional ambient temperature sensors and also to develop the in situ hydrometer sensor.

Advanced monitoring and control of fermentation

Production of wine and beer has numerous factors influencing the quality of the product.  Best practices are often determined by rule of thumb, or trial and error.  Using modern inexpensive networked sensor systems, a much better method is possible.

some key factors:

  • type of yeast
  • temperature
  • type and amount of sugars
  • rate of fermentation
  • exposure to light
  • sanitation and sterilization

Real-time monitoring of the liquid density and temperature, in combination with temperature control would enable the consistent and repeatable production of high-quality products.  This can now be possible using an immersed sensing system.