New Online IoT Service in development –

A platform for managing and integrating general IoT systems is being developed.  The website provides a way for users to register and describe their IoT devices.  Using a REST API, data sent to the is logged and managed for users.

Using channels and “Thinkers” a user can trigger various actions and do some basic processing based on the data being sent from the IoT devices.  These can include simple tasks such as sending email alerts, or actually sending messages to other IoT devices to take an action.  A simple example is a thermostat application which turns heating and cooling on and off based on numerous temperature sensors providing input.

Data sent to can also be analyzed using machine learning algorithms in batch mode to develop insights over longer time scales.  One possibility is to use distributed temperature sensors around a house to determine which locations have poorer thermal insulation, or even to measure the thermal insulation value of a home.

The key is that having a general and easy to use platform with a simple user interface allows users to be creative in their use of IoT devices.

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