Month: July 2016

Temperature and humidity sensor

The new temperature and humidity modules have arrived!


These modules have an on-board 8-bit processor to ensure the readings are calibrated.  They have low power consumption making them ideal for the sensor node application.  They consume 0.3 mA when taking a measurement, but only 60 pico Amps in standby!

Another step closer to putting the sensor node together.  All of the basic parts are now ready, except for the power supply.  Progress is being made on that as well.

Advanced monitoring and control of fermentation

Production of wine and beer has numerous factors influencing the quality of the product.  Best practices are often determined by rule of thumb, or trial and error.  Using modern inexpensive networked sensor systems, a much better method is possible.

some key factors:

  • type of yeast
  • temperature
  • type and amount of sugars
  • rate of fermentation
  • exposure to light
  • sanitation and sterilization

Real-time monitoring of the liquid density and temperature, in combination with temperature control would enable the consistent and repeatable production of high-quality products.  This can now be possible using an immersed sensing system.